Blog Post 10 Question 3

If I were a bishop in the Council of Nicea, I would probably have many questions concerning this debate. For myself specifically, I would be interested in knowing if there was a more valued opinion held by certain groups or by the religion as a whole. Was one of these viewpoints a major underdog in the debate? Were different opinions held in different regions? Understanding some of the concrete realities of the issue would help to discern through some of the deeper and theological arguments as well.

Furthermore, I would probably be looking mostly to the Scriptures to solve this debate. This was– and still is– one of the greatest resources available to answer theological questions such as this. The letters and interpretations of great thinkers, such as the class readings for this week, would be valuable resources to add clarity to the issue; however, at this time period I would think that these thinkers are merely shedding light on scriptural evidence which they researched themselves. As such, the most compelling argument would be one that supplies solid scriptural evidence that would suggest either side being more prevalently described in the Bible. 


One thought on “Blog Post 10 Question 3

  1. In my post I tried to look at mostly the theological questions that would most influence my decision if I was a bishop on the Council of Nicea. However, I know that if I was actually there things like the number of people supporting each side would have made a large impact on which side I chose to support in the debate. Your post did a good job of reminding me of the other outside influences that would have affected my opinion as well.

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